Royal Blue Nail Art Designs 2016

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Royal Blue Nail Art Designs 2016

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Royal Blue Nail Art Designs 2016

Paint your nails blue with a little bit of lace nail art design. The laces are painted in white polish with a little red ribbon tied around it and a white bead on top. Blue, there is more than what meet the eyes.Choosing the nail polish you want for your nails can sometimes be confusing. There are many wonderful nail colors out in the market that you don’t really know where to start. To make it easier for yourself, you should establish certain guidelines on choosing the color of your nail polish. Some people choose because of their mood, or because it is their favorite color, or because the color matches their skin. It really depends on your own preferences.

Possibly one of the most preferred colors out there for nail art enthusiasts is blue. Why? There is a lot that goes into picking a color as your nail art, it can vary as to what matches your outfit or the season or many other things. To help you out here are some definitions behind the shade of blue. If you are still thinking about whether or not blue is the right color for you then better get to know the color more.

Defining blue

When talking about blue, it is said to be the color of responsibility, loyalty and trust. The color blue exudes the aura of being quiet, reserved and someone who does not want to draw in too much attention. Not only that but blue also signifies confidence and control. So if you feel that you are a person who has these characteristics then it is about time that you show your confidence and rock the blue polish on your nails!

Apart from giving impression, blue also helps reduce the stress. Many people say that blue is a very cool color to look at and that it can relax the eyes in contrast to the other bright colors. If you want something that will make your nails look calm, relaxed and free then blue is the right color. A good advantage of blue is that it cools down the strong tones of the other colors on the nail art design. Blue is able to nullify strong looking colors and it can also give your nails life. This is a good shade when you are looking to combine stronger colors but do not want it to stand out too much or it will destroy the nail art design.

Feeling Blue

Blue is what many would also say as the safe color. Why is this so? It is because blue is an almost universally liked color. You will find a lot of people in different places that really like blue. It may be from the effect of appreciating the bright blue skies and the clear blue waters, but it is undeniable that blue enters the likable color squad. Even if sometimes blue can be related to sadness, it also stands in a positive light as a color that keeps you safe.

Shades of Blue

In finding the perfect shade of blue for your nails, you should also know what they mean and if they apply to you and your personality. Below are some popular shades of blue and what they convey.
Pale blue- this shade of blue means creativity and breaking free. It’s a good color if you want to create unique and artistic nail art designs and incorporate other shades as well since light colors invite more colors to be visibly seen.

Dark blue- sometimes you want to be dark and mysterious and dark blue is just your style. This color also signifies responsibility and conservatism. The color also means repressed feelings but compassionate. Emotions run deep in this color and can be very masculine. However the color gives off the air of power and authority.

Azure blue- azure is a powerful blue color that gives off the aura of determination and achievement. Those with azure blue polish give off the feeling of having goals and working hard to reach them. This is a beautiful shade that shows you have purpose and are striving for your target.

Sky blue- with its name “sky” this shade of blue denotes calmness. It gives you the sense of selfless love, helpful nature and healing. Sky blue is always seen as a light hearted color that mixes well with just about any other skin tones. The best match for a sky blue polish is white but other colors can also be used.

No matter what shade of blue you choose it is still by far a very elegant and beautiful color. Mix it up with your other favorite colors or hues and be able to create a nail art design that not only looks well but represents well as each and every color has their own meanings and significance. Happy blue polishing!

A cool and summer inspired blue nail art design. Light blue, white and gray blue polishes are used as background with black polish silhouettes on top.

Blue floral nail art design. This pretty little nail art design sports a blue and white base colors with a lighter blue polish on top for the flower details and green polish for the leaves.

Dark blue metallic nail art design with floral details on top. White nail polish is used as base to contrast the dark blue flower details.

Cute blue floral nail art design. With blue as the base color, the flower details are painted with white polish. Silver glitter is also added to the design as accent.

This is a very pretty blue polka dot nail art design. Have adorable nails with this light blue polka dot nail art design with a floral French tip detail.

Lovely looking blue metallic nail art design. Elegant looking lace designs are also added against a clear base coat.

Very beautiful Fourth of July themed nail art design. This design uses dark blue, white and red nail polishes, the design also sports silver glitter and sequins for accent.

A very creative denim-themed blue nail art design. Blue glitter paint is used for the denim texture on the design. The stitch line across the design is painted in white polish with a periwinkle heart and black letter details.

Sophisticated blue nail art design. Midnight blue polish is used as the base color with a cute corset design.

Perfect blue themed nail art design for short nails. Baby blue and white polish are used as base color with a variety of other colors on top for the flowers and leaves.

Pretty blue green and black themed nail art design. This nail art makes use of clear polish as base color with black and blue green polishes for the French tips.

Checkered themed blue nail art design. A cute blue checkered design with gold glitter nail polish that brings out each nail into attention with the different designs.

Blue striped button themed nail art design. Dark blue and white polish is used on this design for the stripes with gold beads on top for the button details.

Blue floral themed nail art design. This nail art uses light blue polish is used as the base color with pink and white rose details on top.

A strong combination of blue colors and designs. Each nail sports a unique design from matte to glitter and to leopard prints.

A simple yet elegant looking blue themed nail art design. This design uses midnight blue polish as the base color with a sprinkle of gold glitter polish on top. Additional gold sequins are also placed for effect.

You will love blue more with this amazing nail art design, this blue themed design uses blue to light blue for the base color and details. Gold glitter polish, beads and sequins are also added to further enhance the nails.

Floral and French tipped nail art design, this design combines light blue to periwinkle polish with black polish for the details and tips.

Cute blue themed animal prints nail art. Using midnight blue as the base color, the nail art also uses white as base to contrast the nearby blue polishes with colorful animal prints and gold sequins for lining.

Intricate tribal themed nail art design. This design uses blue and white polish as base color. Beautiful tribal details intertwining with each other are then painted on top.

Stand out with this fashionable blue themed nail art design. Sky blue is used as base color with black polish for the details. Black, clear and gold beads are also added on top for effect.

Flashy animal prints nail art design. The all blue themed nail art design also sport creative French tips with black polish for details and silver glitter polish.

Blue themed washed out gradient nail art design. A rather artsy display of gradient using gold glitter polish gradually declining inwards the nails. Dark blue polish is used as the base coat for this little number.

If you’re a minimalist then this baby blue nil art design is perfect for you. The nails use baby blue polish as the overall base color with black polish for the feather details on top of the nails.

Fashionable and elegant looking blue themed nail art design. This design also uses white and black polishes for the details inwards the nails.

Cute and abstract designs on blue green nail polish. This nail art design uses blue green nail polish under black and white shapes and line details that look fun and adorable to look at.

Conquer the anchors with this blue and white nail art design. The nail art is filled with stripes and cute blue anchor painted atop a white polish base color that simple stands out endearingly.

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Royal Blue Nail Art Designs 2016

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