French Fashion Nail Art Designs 2016

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French Fashion Nail Art Designs 2016

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French Fashion Nail Art Designs 2016

French is always a term related to front-line of fashion revolution. French nail design earned its reputation in nail art fashion industry for a long time among women. These famous French manicure designs feature its standing out and classic pure white tips that are accentuated by a natural looking base. They look ultra-chic for their simple yet fantastic and elegant style. It goes perfectly well with almost every outfit and it is the perfect choice for your workplace or for an important event.

Over time, French tips have also undergone radical change and there are so many variations of French manicures. Now they are no more boring or plain white as before. Many ladies also design their nails with other colors like pink, blue, black and gold to achieve a beautiful and different look. You can also add some glittering silver dust, beads, decorative bows, flowers, swirls or other patterns over your fingernails to compliment the white color.

Today, let’s take a look at these awesome and eye-catching French manicure designs that we have rounded up recently for your inspiration. Some are provided with the fullest tutorial or most details, so you can completely do it yourself. If you are also a fan of the French manicure like me, don’t hesitate to check out these creative designs and give your favorite one a try!

Hot Pink Base and Light Purple Tipped Valentine’s French Manicure

Mod Half Moon and French Nails

Spring Flowers Tipped French Manicure

Halloween French Manicure

Fiery French Manicure

Colorful Stripes French Tipped Nails

Frankenstein French and Simple Stitched Moons Manicure

Yellow Ombre French Nails

French Tips Nail with a Sliver of Pink

French Tips with Gold Glitter

Half White Tips with a Dot Manicure

Rose Gold French Manicure

Classy Bow Inspired French Nails

Blue Tip and Flower French Nails

Black and Pink French Nail

Reverse v-shape French Tip Manicure

4th Of July French Mainicure

Glittering Gold French Manicure Design

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French Fashion Nail Art Designs 2016

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