College Girl fashion Outfits 2016

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College Girl fashion Outfits 2016

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College Girl fashion Outfits 2016

Usually when the school girls step into their college life, the biggest battle they have to deal with is deciding the comfortable and stylish college girl fashion Outfits. This is definitely the eternal dilemma of every college girl. We have finally unlocked the mystery for all you college girls.
Here we have come up with some stylish college fashion outfits that are trendy, stylish and very comfortable. You are definitely going to turn all heads in your direction with these ultra glam outfits. Here are some cute back to school outfits for teens are worth copying, but you have to be extremely careful in choosing the perfect outfit combo that suits best according to your kid’s personality.

College Girl fashion Outfits

Denims supported with cute lacy top and flat shoes

Irrespective of the era you belong do, this is the classic outfit that will make you look stylish and fashionable. You can opt for stretchable skinny jeans, to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the day. If it is winters, don’t forget to complete the look with a warm jacket. During the colder months, the ankle boots outfit possibilities are endless. There are so many options available for wearing ankle boots like – flat, heel, over the knee, ankle etc.

Long white top supported by denim skirt and black boots

Another college girl fashion Outfits that is both trendy, comfortable and extremely stylish is long white top complemented by denim skirt and black boots. If the length of the skirt is long, you can even carry it off in occasions demanding semi formal look. Tie your hair in a pigtail to complete the look.

Mid knee length flowered dress paired with heeled sandals

Floral dresses never go out of fashion. Ensure that you pick the size of the flowers on this college girl fashion Outfits depending on the built of your body. If you are small and petite, opt for a dress with big flowers on the other hand, if you are a little heavy go for a dress with small flowers. Complete the look with vibrant heels.

Three quarter workout pants with a fitted shirt and sneakers

Next in the list of college girl fashion Outfits, is three quarter workout pants complemented with printed shirt or T shirts. It will look incredible especially on days, when there is a lot of walking around and you wish to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Black Top, sequined skirt and sleek heels

This outfit looks best on your weekend days at college when you have further plans to go out with your friends. This outfit will make you look classy and sexy at the same time.

Sweatshirts and tights

Leggings as well as the tights are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. This college girl fashion Outfits is ideal for both summers and winters. You can wear tights with a comfy sweatshirt or a long sweater. There are multitude of styles, patterns and designs available in the tights. You can choose the ones that you find attractive. You can try these Ripped Jeans outfit ideas anytime and for any occasion and vow to look superbly chic at all times.

Black Crop top with an ankle length skirt

Looking for trendy college girl fashion Outfits? Why not go with the stylish black crop top and support it with a long floral skirt? Moreover, the ankle length skirts do not hinder or block your way when climbing stairs or when walking, so this one is definitely a must have for all you college girlies. Complete the look with black bellies or heels if you can carry them off for a complete day. However with changing pace of time, wide varieties of updated cute teen fashion outfits are available in the market to suit teens fashion needs and let them buy something unique which can make them fit well within the community they live and their friend circle.


Hopefully, with these college girl fashion Outfits, you are going to rock your ultra glam avatar. You can obviously mix and match with the styles, patterns and trends but it is always good to keep it simple yet stylish. Complete your look with subtle makeup and depending upon your convenience, you can either keep your hair lose open or tie them in a pigtail or get the messy bun look. Hopefully our ideas and suggestions, do help you!

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College Girl fashion Outfits 2016

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