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Face tattoos have a quite a bad reputation, even among tattooed people. People tend to associate face tattoos with dropouts, criminals, and someone who is either wasted or — enough to get a face tattoo. I know it doesn’t sound very nice, but it’s true. Go over to tattoo pages on Facebook or something and click on pictures of tattooed faces and you’ll see people who “don’t get why anyone would do that to their face” and people who “appreciate face tattoos but wouldn’t get them myself”.

Many are fine with tattoos anywhere else but most draw the line when it’s on the face. I can see the point; the face is usually the first thing you look at in a person and it’s not a comfortable experience to be talking to someone who has ‘death’ scrawled over his eyebrow. And if that doesn’t intimidate you, it’s going to be pretty difficult trying not to be too obvious as you try to stare at their face tattoos at a closer range.

The fact that there are incontestably a lot of people who get shitty face tattoos doesn’t improve the infamy of the said tattoos. People tend to get random words in shaky scripts or dollar signs or poorly done, small traditional designs on their faces. And there’s also this guy. Those are definitely not the way to go if you want to nail this face tattoo thing. What we’ll show you here are face tattoos that are actually so good that you may even want them for yourself. (Or you know, appreciate face tattoos even more. We can’t please everyone!)

Tribal and sacred geometric designs are a good combination. They both have.

Crowded tattooed faces are usually a mess of clashing designs and it’s rare to see something like this one which consists of better-placed tattoos and not like you let your tattoo artist eeny meeny miny moe the place where your next face tattoo should be.

Chin tattoos may have originated from legit tribes, most-known are the Maori. But they have been making appearances in the urban settings as more and more people opt for tattoos in tribute to various cultures.

Mandalas are also a popular choice for face tattoos.

With the right combination, a face will look more like a blossom of some kind of unique flower, rather than a clash of inked disaster.

This dotwork by artist Chaim Machlev is an example of a really well-done face tattoo. Does that look like a fuc*ing criminal to you?

Dot'n work face tattoos look good on both men and women.

Why stop with the face, go crazy and get some behind-the-ear‘s as well!

This forehead design may be really big but it all the more looks some kind of spiritual art.

As much as his stretched lip look painful, it goes well with his geometric chin tattoo.

This may merely be a personal opinion but the arrangements of the tattoos on his face, even down to his neck and chest is like a gallery, carefully curated. It’s also difficult to pull off eyebrow tattoos, so props to him on this one.

Another geometric piece, tastefully placed and done.

His face tattoos are one of my favorites. They’re very minimalist. He looks like a work of art.

I’m sure a lot will agree that his face is a mess but I specifically chose his tattoos because there’s something about those etched lines that makes it interesting.

Subtle forehead tattoo like this one isn’t such a bad idea, especially if it isn’t a line that expresses your sheer hate for a minority (it’s really not a good idea). But lines like this not only look less threatening, but a really nice line isn’t really something you’ll regret and it would be an everyday reminder you won’t miss until the day you lose sight.

Watson Atkinson and his tattooing partner, Tai Van, have mastered the art of white ink tattoos. White ink face tattoos can be beautiful when done by the right artist. They’re understated bu

And here’s a face tattoo of the man himself, Watson Atkinson, with a fresh black work tattoo over a nicely healed white ink tattoo.

Many go for Sanskrit when going for spiritual texts. What makes this one stand out is his unusual choice of placement and the use of red ink.

This is Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch’s face tattoo. He got something in Hebrew which translates to “God’s presence on Earth” over his left eyelid. This one is not only a less noticeable tattoo, but when done right like in Welch’s case, is something worth all that pain.

I guess geometric tattoos really are the shit. Look at this one.

Chris Raag is probably one of the most tattooed men in Los Angeles. Not only is he one of the most tattooed, but he is also one of the best-tattooed. His body is covered with great pieces from the most talented artists. And on his face is a pair of biomech style on each side. The colors are fantastic; they’re overall great pieces, not even minding the fact that they’re really large.

A pierced dagger is very popular with face tattoos.

He’s lovely. I’m sorry, I’m supposed to be talking about his beautiful tattoo symmetry, but look at that face.

Quite a pretty tattoo that could work just as well for the ladies.

Maybe it’s the beard. But there’s really no denying that this guy’s face tattoo is a nice calligraphy work, framed by those crosses.

Forehead tattoos sound threatening in every angle but not so if you keep it subdued like this. A wide forehead also helps! (Haha.)

Another example is model Bradley Soileau’s forehead tattoo.

You can’t go wrong with a nice, subtle design on the side of the face just a few inches below the row of the eyes, as well as the traditional noose placed on the sideburns.

But if you really want to put words on your face, go with a really nice hand style.

This lady’s face tattoo is a simple, and yet it enhanced her femininity even more.

Nothing wrong with teeny-tiny face tattoo, as long as they look clean and not awkwardly-placed

Minimalism at its finest.

But honestly, I think you can put any face tattoo on Monami Frost for all she cares and she’ll still look striking as ever.

This simple traditional axe can stand pretty well on its own.

The noose tattoo on the side of the face is also another popular choice for face tattoo.

Bring Me the Horizon frontman also has a face tattoo of the well-known prison mark of “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life.”

The late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence also had a single face tattoo, which is a 力 (chikara), which means “strength” in kanji.

That’s it for now, our pick of some of the non-trashiest and reddest face tattoos we’ve seen so far!

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