Hair Color Ideas For Women 2016

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Hair Color Ideas For Women 2016

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Hair Color Ideas For Women 2016

Throughout the year, as the season changes according to the natural phenomenon and leaves of the trees change their color. Similarly, change plays an important role in human beings lives too. You can’t wear same clothes and eat one food daily. You can’t carry same hairstyle on every occasion; it needs to be changed according to the latest fashion statement. This way you can keep yourself updated and enhance your confidence by trying different shades.

Previously women use to wear only black, brown, copper and burgundy hair colors, but now they have wide range of colors to choose from. Many branded hair colors are also available in the market that fulfills the expectation of most of the fashionable women from different parts of the world. Here are Cute Short Haircuts for women get ready to listen to all those silent whisper praising your new look with these Cute Short Haircuts for women.

Hair Color Ideas for Women

Let’s have a look over some of the best hair color ideas for women of modern age that match with their apparel and accessories as well.

Magic of Vintage Hair Color

If you really want to have lovely hairs and make others jealous with your new look, then try this amazing trend of silver and grey hair color and give shiny effect to your hair.

Caramel Accent

Women having lighter skin tones looks great in this softer color as it brightens your face and you can wear it with full confidence for complete one year on any occasion.

Dark Chocolate Charm

Women with dark skin tones look absolutely stunning in this unique color. If your hairs are naturally brown in color, then try this dark chocolate highlight color scheme and achieve a different look from others.

Waves of Blonde color

If you want to brighten up your face from the front side, coloring them with bright blonde highlights is a fabulous idea to go with. Ladies that look pretty in shades of pink and blue love to wear this color.

Sunset Blonde Effect

The color looks great if paired with red to add more charm to your look. The red color helps in maintain the growth of new hairs. The combo of Blonde with red looks beautiful on women with lighter skin tones. Like any other hairstyles, Ebony Girls Hairstyles also a variety of types that depends on the size and length of the hair.

Creamy Blonde

Matching creamy blonde highlights with rich brown low lights is an eye-catching color combination. Hairs that have curls or natural wave will look best in this color style.

Red Rebel Hair Color

Red is the most vibrant color and looks great on women with pale skin tones. If you want to achieve a new loom for college party, then this is the superb choice.

Chocolate curry

The chocolate curry color is perfect in giving a spicy effect to women with thick hair and medium complexion. If you have light hairs, then you should choose medium version of the color.

Shadowed Blonde

It’s among one of the best hair color ideas for women as you can add wow factor to your look by creating a shadow near the scalp area. There are different messy hairstyles for long and short hair for 2015. The messy hairstyle might vary according to hair texture and the face cut. You need to find the best messy hairstyle for your face and hair type.

Simple Blonde

This color idea is easy to maintain and looks gorgeous on almost every one. It’s nice to create ultra-highlighted look by highlighting your hairs with different shades of blonde.

Dip – Dye Hair Color

If you want to give an instant change to your look, then this is the best hair color trend to try in winters. It’s among one of the fashionable color style.

Soft Caramel

Coloring ends of your hair with light caramel and low lights with darker tone is a superb combo to achieve a natural look.

Lush Caramel

Hairs that are naturally dark can easily achieve this color. The dark caramel color adds lush factor to your curly hairs. Women with dark skin tone are suitable for this hair color.

Sultry Blonde

Hairs that are medium in texture and density looks superb in this hair color idea. Different shades of blonde on the top area of the hairs looks appealing on curly hairs.

Partial Highlights

Women love to have partial highlights during summertime as the color brightens your complexion and makes you stand out of the crowd.

Cinnamon Hair Color

The medium tone of the copper hue color enhances your beauty. The color looks extremely good on long wavy hairs. Don’t forget to protect the color from heat as it may weaken the strength of your hairs.

Vibrant Vixen

The color suits best on women with neutral complexion. This vibrant red hue color reflects your attitude and has the power to attract everyone’s attention.

Red Velvet Rich Color

When you want to add more color to your face area, go for red blonde as it will help you to brighten your complexion even in winters. Women with curly hair rock this hair color style.

Copper Kisses

Deep copper color mixed with light copper highlights proves to be the best source to enhance your complexion.

Crimson Collage

If you have wavy hair and looking for a complete change, you can try the shades of light red highlights to create a deep effect over your hairs.

Bright Blonde

Women with fair skin tone look amazing in this bright blonde look. To support the style, you can match it with medium blonde low lights.

Dash of Lowlight

The idea of pairing golden blondes with a dash of dark lowlights creates a deep effect on your hair and is perfect for family functions.

Bold and Blonde

The style is perfect for women with short hairs and if you really want to be noticed among the crowd, then happily go for this bold blonde color idea.

Perfect Contrast

The color idea mostly suits women who prefer wearing shades of blues, greens and reds and love to match them with contrasting highlights.


To look all time fresh and beautiful, women love to try this warm caramel glaze color style specially those who are fond of yellows and orange color apparels.

We just hope, that the above mentioned best hair color ideas for women will prove great help to you in choosing right color style for your hairs.

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Hair Color Ideas For Women 2016

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