How Many Leggings Do You Own? 2016

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How Many Leggings Do You Own? 2016

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How Many Leggings Do You Own? 2016

Quick question: How many leggings do you own? If the answer is “more than three” (and we’re pretty sure that it is), then you’re going to want to check this article out. 

Why? Well, if you pretty much only wear your leggings with T-shirts, that’s cool and all but there are a bunch of other things that you can do with ’em.

We’re excited to offer up a few suggestions if you’re interested… 

Vince dress with leggings

The cut of this dress is great. The fact that it’s leather is even better. And the matching brown leggings that are underneath them? Yeah, you’ve just gotta try this look! 

Leggings and heels

Aren’t those Chanel leggings super swank? All you need is a little dress, a belt and some heels and you’ve got the perfect outfit. 

Camo leggings

The reason why these camouflage leggings are shown with nothing else is because they are simply a reminder that camouflage goes with everything. Put these on with a graphic T-shirt, a dress, a tank and denim jacket, a sweater…shoot, just about everything! 

Leather, leggings and canvas shoes

If you wanna kick back and be a little casual, a leather jacket and a pair of canvas shoes will complement your leggings perfectly. 

Leggings and a blazer

This is a great look for fall. We really like the infinity scarf and silver sparkling flats.

Tribal print leggings

Another kind of leggings that go with so many different things are tribal print ones. This particular print is pretty big right now too.

Sequin leggings and graphic T-shirt

She looks like she’s having so much fun. Sequins tends to do that too a person. Make sure to cop you some!

Pleather leggings

If money’s a little tight right now and you can’t afford to get a pair of leather leggings, at least try and get some pleather ones.  They can make a simple T-shirt look so…modish. (Tip: Just make sure to wear some sheer hose underneath. Otherwise, pleather can feel really hot.) 

Shirt dress and leggings

A staple for any woman’s closet is a shirt dress. One way to wear it is with a pair of leggings, a belt and some boots.

Black leggings and cowboy boots

Going to the movies or out to dinner with a few friends? Pair up your black leggings with some cowboy boots. If the weather predicts that it’s going to be pretty chilly, throw on a long sleeve shirt or army jacket over your white tee too. 

Neutral dress and leggings

The ruching on the bottom of this dress is absolutely delightful. But you know what? Even if you don’t have a dress like this one, some black leggings underneath a neutral dress is so…fetching is the word that comes to mind.

Floral leggings and black tee

One way to look amazing all day long is to put on some floral leggings and a solid T-shirt. It’s a shame that looking this good can be so easy.

Lace leggings

You might not own a pair of lace leggings. But take a long look at this picture and we’re pretty sure you can see why you should.

Flouncing skirt and legging

If you’re the kind of person who holds on to old outfits for nostalgia’s sake, look to see if you kept one of your cheerleader skirts. If you did, pull it on over your leggings. See! Everything does come back around again.

Spandex leggings

You’ve got to be pretty daring to wear spandex of any kind. But with the right shirt and wedge heels, it’s…alluring to say the least.

Leggings and sweater

Leggings and a sweater is basically a classic way to wear leggings. We just thought we’d remind you why you should never forget this combo.

Capri leggings

Not all leggings extend all the way down to your ankles. Some are capri cut and they work really well with dresses.

Bohemian style leggings

If you’d like to add a few more leggings to your collection, opt for a tie-dye or Boho print. They can make a plain white dress look uber-fashionable.

Tulle and leggings

Tulle and leather leggings. Yeah, we really like this look too. If you play it up with a string of pearls or some layered necklaces, we’ll love it even more!

Layers with leggings

Leggings can be worn all year-round. Have a ball layering ’em up with knee socks or legging warmers, sweaters, jackets and riding boots.

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How Many Leggings Do You Own? 2016

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