Top 7 Secrets to Natural Makeup 2016

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Top 7 Secrets to Natural Makeup 2016

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Top 7 Secrets to Natural Makeup 2016

Now you can look naturally beautiful if you follow the 5 secrets to get an everyday natural makeup. These tips for flawless and fresh makeup would make you look like you are not wearing any makeup. Thus, people will call you naturally beautiful whenever they would look at you. So, without any delay, let’s look at the top 7 secrets to get an everyday natural makeup:

1. Perfect your skin:

At first, you should perfect your skin. Wash your face gently with a good cleanser and a small piece of cloth to exfoliate your face. Following this step allows the makeup to blend in your face perfectly. Therefore, this is the first and the most important step of natural makeup.

2. Moisturize your skin and even out your skin tone:

The most natural way to do this step is to use a tinted lotion that contains sun protection. You don’t need to exactly match it to your skin as it is sheer. Apply the lotion like a normal moisturizer.

3. Conceal the flaws:

You should use a pigment-rich concealer to conceal the darkness under eye circles. Swap the wand of the concealer under your eyes and then gently pat with a finger for proper blending. To cover blemishes, dab and blend in thin layers.

4. Use powder:

You can use an oil-absorbing powder if your skin is oily. Use a brush, dab it in powder and move it in circular motion. It would give you a great cover-up.

5. Choose a warm cheek color:

Your skin would get a natural, subtle flush if you use cream blushes in pinks or peaches. On the other hand, cool pinks look like more makeup. Therefore, choose a warm cheek color for natural makeup.

6. Shade eyelids and use an eye pencil:

 A light brownish tint would enhance the natural contours of your eye without looking like makeup. Shade your eyelids gently, especially along the lower lashes. Now, lightly dot a brown or a soft gray pencil between the lashes. You can use a brown mascara to enhance your eyelashes. Defined lashes look great even in natural makeup.

7. Amp up lips subtly:

For a natural makeup, choose a shade that matches exactly with your lips. Now, use your fingertip and press the lip color into your lips rather than applying from the tube. Concentrate the lip color in the center and then blend out evenly.

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Top 7 Secrets to Natural Makeup 2016

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