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Have you gone through any gothic fictions? Can you remember those daring lines and scenes? Yes here we will discuss about this topic. Nowadays it has become a trend to portray gothic themes in tattoos. Gothic themes contain nothing but the pictures of vampires and monsters. Mainly it has become very popular nowadays, but although it is not a mainstream tattoo design. Gothic tattoos can be worn by both men and women and can be made in any size. Mainly these types of tattoos are good to be designed with dark color combination like black, blue etc.

Probably the main cause behind the less popularity of gothic tattoos is the negative thinking behind the topic. People around the world possess lot of negative emotions and feelings regarding gothic community. Actually gothic is related to the worship of death and evil. Gothic tattoos look very interesting and attractive if done in a creative way by the tattoo artist. But unfortunately, gothic tattoos are mostly misunderstood around the world by several communities and even predicted as unlucky symbol.

Gothic tattoos are always suitable for the people those who like to keep them in black. Black is the basic color of gothic culture. The Goths decorate themselves with black everywhere like black lipstick, black costumes, black nail paints and others. In fact, it has become a type of rebellion and associated with a community of people. It is said that gothic images are linked with death and people and always reflects a negative energy. But actually there is nothing about death and negativity in gothic tattoos instead it is a wrong representation by some race of people. It actually depends on the creativity of a tattoo artist and the design choice of the wearer himself.

It doesn’t means that wearing a gothic tattoo will represent a people as Goth. Anyone can wear these types of tattoos according to their choice. You should know that Goths are very interesting individual and normally they are very creative, interesting and intelligent. They are very good painters, writers, artists and designers, which proves that they are very talented and creative persons of the society. Mainly the gothic community is out casted from the society.

Most gothic tattoos don’t have any symbolic meaning, that’s the reason it is very tough to understand the meaning of their projection. Normally, gothic tattoos are well detailed and designed in nature. They have certain designs and figures placed in the tattoo. The tattoos are mostly done in black ink and the texts are written in an Old English style. And you have heard of a punk rock music genre which is mainly associated with the gothic community. Snakes, tribal arts, daggers, skulls, vines are the most common symbol used in gothic tattoos. And the most popular is the Gothic Cross. Again some gothic tattoos are based on fantasy, which contains creatures like dragons. These dragons are more ferocious than the Chinese and the Japanese dragons. Again you will notice that gothic tattoos are made with cartoon figures. Ruined churches and castles are also very common in Gothic tattoos.

The total choice and overall meaning of the design is based on the wearer. It is a type of self expression tattoo style and symbol of their creativity. So here we have collected some daring gothic tattoo ideas and inspiration for you all. So we hope that this article will help you in designing your own tattoo now.


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