50 Gorgeous Hot Girl Blue Tattoos 2016

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50 Gorgeous Hot Girl Blue Tattoos 2016

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50 Gorgeous Hot Girl Blue Tattoos 2016

Blue is both the color of calm as well as the sky and is often considered a masculine color. No matter how you see blue as a color, you have to admit that it is a color that has a lot of appeal. There is no doubt that some tattoo themes like superb dolphin tattoo design ideas for women as there is nothing more representative of the environment which is native to the dolphin – the sea. There are many deep and meaningful tattoo designs to pick from that it can sometimes be difficult to decide. 

Gorgeous Hot Girl Blue Tattoos

There are koi tattoo meaning and designs for men and women, which though
intensely colorful can probably, be adapted in many shades of blue. Talking about insanely gorgeous blue tattoos in trend can also include anchor tattoo meaning and designs can also be a good idea.

Here Are Some Insanely Gorgeous Blue Tattoos In Trend Ideas That You
Can Use:

Grades of blue: Just because you are going for a tattoo in one color hardly means that it has to be one solid shade of blue. The fact is blue has an insane amount of choice when it comes to the shades of blue and types of blue. Starting from the insanely bright turquoise to the most sober navy blue, this color has so many shades to offer. You can use some of your favorite types of blue to create an insanely gorgeous tattoo of your own.

Go for the sea design: Many people who love tattoos and also have a love for all things marine will find the color blue of great appeal. This kind of tattoo looks almost as if it is in constant motion with the rippling of muscles and sinew when the person who has gotten the tattoo moves around. While many consider tattoos to be static art, the fact is some tattoos take on a life of their own depending on the movement of the person who is sporting it, the type of tattoo design and the location of the tattoo.

Popular symbol different color: The thing is most of us are fond of something like a flower or an animal or some other element. And these elements come in colors of their own but if you want to be different and want your tattoo to look insanely gorgeous, then one of the ways to do this is by coloring this element in a shade of blue. Just imagine an ice blue fox or a turquoise blue lotus flower. We are sure the couple of examples we have given here will spark of your imagination about the kind of insanely gorgeous blue tattoo designs you will get.

Add some color for relief: Just because we are talking about a tattoo that is
almost entirely composed of blue color does not mean that you cannot use some
bit of another color. In fact the addition of a cleverly color to an entirely blue color will make it even more striking and emphasize the blueness of the tattoo in question. In fact adding an outline in a contrast to an insanely gorgeous blue tattoo like black or red or maroon would make the tattoo look even better.

While we have talked about the designing of tattoos from unusual design elements that are not naturally blue, does not mean that you cannot have blue tattoos of things that are naturally blue. Like certain flowers and birds that are already blue in color and getting this done in a tattoo in the same form can also be striking.

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50 Gorgeous Hot Girl Blue Tattoos 2016

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