Incredible Caduceus Tattoo Designs For You All 2016

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Incredible Caduceus Tattoo Designs For You All 2016

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Incredible Caduceus Tattoo Designs For You All 2016

Perhaps you know what this Caduceus symbol stands for. It is a very common symbol associated to medicine and mostly used by the peoples associated with medicine. But to say about the history, it was a staff of Hermes which is entwined by two serpents, in some cases with wings. It is a very popular and known symbol since the 5th Century B.C. and with time today it has become one of the most popular tattoo symbols all over the world. So now if you are really interested in caduceus tattoo then please precede to the full article her and also don’t miss out the tattoo ideas collection given below.

Caduceus is a Greek symbol and we all know that it is the original symbol of Medicine but no, actually the real symbol of medicine was the rod of the Asclepius. It was a staff entwined with a single snake but over time caduceus became the original symbol of medicine practice all over the world and still some medical association use this symbol as their logo. There is also a myth that is associated with caduceus that it is also a symbol of peace.
Caduceus tattoo can be designed in a great variety way and a good choice for the people associated with medicine.

Since long time tattoo artists all over the world put all their creativity and finally came up with various changes in the caduceus tattoos. Now the symbol has gone through a lot of changes and finally came into the present image. Even you may see that the serpents have been replaced and instead dragons or various other symbols like daggers and swords have been included. Some people also like to make the tattoo in a Celtic theme or a Tribal Theme.

Everything depends on your own but remember to maintain the basic structure of the symbol and then you can do anything with it. It is a great fun working with such a beautiful symbol as you can put all your creativity in it. Like various other tattoos, shading and other artistic decoration should be very realistic and this is a very crucial part of it. Even people with cancer can prefer such beautiful tattoos decorating it with ribbons. Both male and female can wear this tattoo and it is special as it can be done in almost any part of the body. You can make it small or large depending on the place you are designing.

Caduceus tattoo carries a lot of meanings with for the wearers. Some of them are balance, equality, power, harm, change, magic, transformation and medicine. It is a great tattoo to choose but obviously think how a caduceus is related to your life. We have told earlier that it is derived from the Greek mythology and so obviously popular among the Greeks. Think a lot on your design and give some time discussing with your tattoo artist about the tattoo design you want to make.

Make sure you make a lot of research before going with this tattoo design and learn from the internet what this tattoo actually refers to. If you in a profession related to medicine then it is of great choice and you don’t have to think more but if not then there is much about to study on this symbol. Here we have made a collection of tattoo ideas pictures that can really give you some outstanding ideas on your caduceus tattoo. Have a look into each and every design and finally come into a final decision. You can also check out the other articles on tattoo design on this blog to have some different ideas.


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Incredible Caduceus Tattoo Designs For You All 2016

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