42 Urban Outfits Trends For Men's & Women's 2016

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42 Urban Outfits Trends For Men's & Women's 2016

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42 Urban Outfits Trends For Men's & Women's 2016

Urban or Street style is reminiscent of R&B and Hip-Hop. Music styles which have influenced urban style dramatically. But how do you get a perfect urban style look? What outfits can you wear for urban look? What accessories are to be worn with those outfits? In this article Outfit Trends searches for the perfect way to achieve an Urban look.

Urban clothing is as up-beat as the music it goes hand in hand with. So tops with bold and colorful prints are a great item to wear for an urban look. Hip-hop and R&B bands or logos are a fantastic way to keep the music side of urban alive in your outfit. Match bold statement tops with black, grey or blue jeans or combats. These are frequently seen trousers in the urban scene. For the teenage girl why not try distressed or ripped jeans? These can be worn with any outfit and will add that extra bit of street cred to your urban style. For a more feminine feel why not go for three quarter length combats or jeans or even a denim skirt? They keep street and urban style alive while allowing you to have that girly aura.

Jackets which are either denim or baseball influenced are very common in the urban scene. These can be matched with any bold top whether it is a t-shirt or tank top however, you must make sure they are color co-ordinated.

How to Urban Accessories

The bigger and the bolder the better when it comes to urban bling. Gold chains and earrings are constantly seen throughout this style and add a sense of attitude to any outfit. Silver is acceptable if you don’t fancy being so elaborate but then that is shying away from the urban image. Bangles are a simple yet powerful accessory to have although can be hidden if wearing a jacket. Do not over-do it with jewellery. Too much gold bling can look ridiculous and will kill your street cred rather than increasing it. Go for just the right amount of jewellery to make a statement but not be too in your face.

Baseball caps are a great accessory and fit in perfectly with the urban look especially as they are seen in the R&B and hip-hop celebrity world. Baseball caps come in a very wide range of colours, styles and all have either a plain front or a logo print on the front. Another great urban fashion statement. Match hats with bags and shoes.

Urban Street Footwear

Ideal urban footwear consists of converse and even calf length boots. Converse shoes have a casual feel to them whereas calf length boots give a bit more of a masculine feel so it is paramount that you match your shoes according to the urban style you are trying to achieve. A simple urban look for a teenage girl would be a white boldly colored print tank top, a denim skirt, calf length boots and accessories with lots of bling and baseball cap.

Check out  following images of urban fashion that is trending these days among men's across with world you can get lot of ideas from these picture to create your own perfect urban look.

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42 Urban Outfits Trends For Men's & Women's 2016

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