Latest Style Winter Outfit Combinations 2016

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Latest Style Winter Outfit Combinations 2016

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Latest Style Winter Outfit Combinations 2016

No matter what your age winter is that time of year where finding both stylish and practical outfits can be a bit of an issue. But for the teen girl style and image is everything. So this post will look at this years winter styles for teen girls. What clothing is both fashionable and practical? What footwear will get you noticed and keep your feet warm and dry? And what accessories are acceptable this season? Here we bring you 17 cute outfits style for teen girls in winter this year.

In the last post we covered stylish summer dressing combinations for teen girls.Its time to bring new trends as how to look hot in cold weather.Printed and patterned woollen knitwear is a winning choice of attire for any lady and even more so this year for teens at it sours through to the very top of stylish winter wear. Im not talking about of course the infamous christmas jumpers, but ones which have geometric shapes, floral patterns, stripes or even a central knitted logo or picture. Hoodies are also a good winter choice as they also can logos or images as well as keeping you warm. Long coats are also a great winter item for teen girls. These should ideally be fitted rather than baggy and loose however make sure you allow for your clothes underneath. When trying on a coat in a shop, do so with a jumper on underneath.Casual Style with Vans Sneakers.

Skinny jeans are a favourite for teens all year round so why not keep them rolling on throughout winter too? Slim fit in winter allows you to show off knee high, calf high or ankle boots. Contrasting boot colours such as brown will compliment black or blue jeans beautifully.

Footwear for this season must be both fashionable and practical and for teen girls getting this balance can sometimes be an issue. Ugg boots, calf highs and knee highs are great shoes for this season. They are high enough to keep you warm and dry but are also available in such a vast amount of styles and colours that discovering a pair to suit your outfit will be easy.

Everyone knows that hats and scarves are must have accessories for winter but for a teen girl style why not go for large stitch and chunky scarves? These will add more volume to your outfit aswell as keeping you extra warm during this cold season. Fabric and wool gloves or mittens will be better during winter. Leather gloves will stay cold and not do you any favours so stick to fabrics. Flip mittens for teen girls are a great accessory as they come in all patterns and styles such as animals, snowflakes, stripes and floral.

Have a look at the following images and use them to create your own winter style.

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Latest Style Winter Outfit Combinations 2016

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