Ideas About Comfortable Braided Headband Hairstyles 2016

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Ideas About Comfortable Braided Headband Hairstyles 2016

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Ideas About Comfortable Braided Headband Hairstyles 2016

It’s an easy way to introduce a cool accent into your daily hairstyle that will also keep your locks from falling into your face. So sit back, and check out some of the best headband hairstyles online!

1: Floral Braided Headband

At this point, floral crowns are pretty standard for music festivals or any outdoor event because they invoke the free-spirited nature of Woodstock. Since everyone will be wearing one, you want to do something to separate yourself from the pack, and a braid will do just that.

2: Fishtail Headband

The great thing about wearing a braided headband is that there are so many different types of braid patterns to try that every time you wear one it will look different. Stylist’s tip: dry shampoo will give hair messy texture and prevent the braid from slipping.

3: Voluminous Braided Headband

If you don’t know how to braid, or don’t have time to do an intricate style in the morning, an easy trick is to braid a hairpiece and wrap it around your head. Just secure with bobby pins and you’re good to go!

4: Double Braided Headband

For this style, you will need to know how to French braid. Hair will be braided twice, side-by-side along the hairline. Secure the braids near your ear with an elastic, pulling remaining strands into a messy side bun.

5: Simple French Braided Band

If you want to learn how to do a braided headband, it’s really best to learn how to French braid first. Even if you can’t usually French braid your own hair, you will find it much easier to accomplish when styling to the side. You have plenty of strands to work with and you can easily see what you’re doing. This braid is simply pinned behind the ear to create an effective headband look.

6: Subtle Side Braid

Here’s a simple braided headband tutorial that’s easy enough to learn on the first try. The trick is in strategically parting the hair in directions that deliver the biggest effect. Leave some side bangs in the front while combing back one side of the hair. Braid, starting at the part towards the ear, securing in place as you go. Curl your hair to soften up the style.

7: Thin Braided Headband Tutorial

For this look, all you need is a comb, hairpin and thin elastic. Take a thin section of hair and braid it, continuing the style by wrapping it across the head into a headband braid. Use a hair elastic and secure with a pin to hold the ends of the braid together throughout the day.

8: Banded Together

Using one thick braid or two thinner ones, this simple headband style allows hair to be up and out of the face without having to resort to a bun or ponytail. Fun and feminine, this style works on all hair types and lengths – if your hair isn’t long enough to go across the head, combine two braids that meet in the middle.

9: Headband Braid with Body

Tease the top underneath hair to bring body and boost to your braided look. Wrap two braids across the top of your head, bringing them forward enough to allow the “puff” of top hair to be the focal point. Then, either allow your locks to flow free or braid them together for a gorgeous Roman goddess-inspired style.

10: Sweet and Simple Braided Hair Headband

You won’t need a step by step guide to successfully pull off this style on the first try. Simply braid or twist one side strand and pin it across – allowing bangs, curls and top hair to flow free. This looks absolutely stunning on long hair.

11: Glamorous Double Braid Updo

This elegant updo turns the old and overdone style into a new do with a double headband braid. Putting a charming twist on the traditional low bun, the pinned curls look has jazzed things up to meet the expectations of bridesmaids and prom queens alike.

12: Fabulous Four-Strand Braided Hairstyle

An easy-going but cute half-up braid headband keeps your look casual while still looking fab. This is the kind of a ‘do that equally compliments your skinny jeans plus a tee-shirt and your little black dress and heels.

13: Braided Headband Updo for Formal Occasion

This amazing look takes headband hairstyles to a whole new level. Pinned up neatly in the back, with curls delicately framing the face, this updo makes a gorgeous hairstyle solution for any formal occasion that is coming your way.

14: Beautiful Basket-weave Braid

A classy take on an otherwise informal hairstyle, this basket-weave braid is a great idea for thick manes that are difficult to tame. Leave the bottom straight or curl the ends for a more done up look.

15: Dutch Braid with Wavy Ponytail

This swoopy braided headband is different from the norm because it doesn’t run along the hairline and around your head, as other headbands do. This particular braid goes straight back into the ponytail. Wear the hairdo on a chilled out Sunday running errands, or to a weekend party that your pals are throwing. It’s
versatile and darling, whatever the setting.

16: Stunning Multi-Braid Hairstyle

For your next formal event, try this stunning style with headbands made up of two braids featuring different patterns; a fresh take on a classic look makes for a style that will have every head in the room turned in your direction.

17: Dutch Braid with Curls

If normally your hairstyle includes a longer side bang, try placing your headband braid further back and incorporate it into your regular do. This is a nice way to spice up your everyday look without having to put in too much additional effort.

18: Goddess French Braided Updo

Sleek, elegant, and simple, all things you want from an updo. This modern style headband braid is a perfect reminder that sometimes less is more. Because this hairstyle isn’t too formal, it can be worn for a variety of occasions, from important business meetings to your best friend’s wedding.

19: Dutch Braid Updo with Twisted Braid

This is a unique take on the braided headband with a section of hair behind the braid twisted back and fed into the low braided side bun. This style is one where most of the detail is on the top, and you can improvise when it comes to the bun, pinning and twisting your hair as you see fit.

20: Four Strand Headband Braid

This pretty braided headband follows the front of the hairline and tucks in underneath the length of your hair. The four strand braid makes a gorgeous look – from easy-going days with your gal pals, to a fancy dinner you have reservations at – this ‘do is definitely a crowd pleaser!
Headband braids are so “in” right now, you’re bound to see a whole variety whenever you’re out and about. Take a cue from these beautiful examples and create your own look – it doesn’t matter if your hair is long, short, thin or thick – there’s a braided headband that will work well for you.

Ideas About Comfortable Braided Headband Hairstyles 2016

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