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I did it. You’ve probably already done it… it feels like the whole world has. I got a lob. This is one train I have been dying to hop aboard (couldn’t really afford the ticket though) for the last year or so. I grew my hair out for the wedding, but wanted to a) meet all the just-married cliches and b) switch it up as soon as I could.

With a gifted donation towards my hair cut (thanks, Mom) and the chance to get it done somewhere other than the uber expensive Manhattan (wassup, Miami), I finally cut off about 6 inches or so. See before and after here.

I ended up going to a salon called Studio Chroma in Coral Gables and told the hairstylist I wanted the Lucy Hale. I shouldn’t have to tell you why. That girl’s hair is FLAWLESS. This essentially translated to a lob and a balayage.

I’ve attempted to get my hair colored this way before, but was never really satisfied. With the same instructions, I was blonde for a day and another time my mom (who tends to say she likes every style decision I make) couldn’t even tell. Total fails. This time was a completely different experience.

I was so happy with how well the colors melted together and with the length. I have very thin hair, so long layers (you’ll see more of this when I wear it down in the future) were a must.  I also agreed to this thing called Olaplex… still not sure what it actually does, but my hair was and still is extra soft and smooth since I got it done 2 weeks ago.

I’ve started to reacclimate myself with short hair and styling it. There is a lot you can do with a little. I just wanted to share with you my personal favorite so far as well as the inspiration I’ve been using to style other looks.

Hope it helps make all those without lobs join the dark, way-less-maintence side!

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1. Half bun: I was all about this when I had long hair, but I think I like it even more with my new ‘do! It’s great for when you just want to let your hair air dry, because it’s supposed to look slightly disheveled.

2. Windswept side part: Again, straight and perfect is just not that enticing anymore. I love this dramatic part that lets the natural way your hair falls do all the talking. Plus, if Lauren Conrad is doing it, we probably should too.

3. Low ponytail: I’ve been struggling with ponytails because I feel it juts out too much for such little hair and makes me look bald. I love this idea of loose pieces in the front and a low ponytail that highlights instead of hides the length.

4. Braided half-up half-down: Whether it’s french braided or normal, whether it’s pulled back or pushed behind your ear… braids are the key to life. And since they’re so instinctive to most of us, they should definitely be relied upon to spice up your look.  

5. Waves: This is the style I had in my head when I first fell in love with lobs. It’s so classic and can be used during the day or at the most formal occasion. The key is to curl away from your face and to leave out both the very top and the very bottom of each strand. I use a small wand, but I have heard more frequently that a curling iron should be used.

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