Pretty Long Hair Ideas: Side-Braid Hairstyles 2016

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Pretty Long Hair Ideas: Side-Braid Hairstyles 2016

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Pretty Long Hair Ideas: Side-Braid Hairstyles 2016

The popularity of side-braid hairstyles is just going from strength-to-strength! And that’s no surprise as the young hair-designers are constantly coming up with new and imaginative twists on the look!

New braiding styles

Last year’s side-braid hairstyles were messy and very loosely plaited, for a sort of country-maid look. However, this year messy is ‘out’ and the new plaited styles are completely fresh and different.

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Wide side-braids

One of the most original new braiding styles is the flat, wide braid, which is easy to achieve once you’ve seen the photos in our latest side-braid hairstyles Inspiration Gallery below. The plaiting is medium-loose and then pulled out gently at the sides to make the weaving look flatter and wider.

The look is still casual and relaxed for a look that’s great for Bohr everyday styling and can be made intricate and amazing in anion side-out braid, for evening wear.

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Layered side-braid hairstyles

As layers are a major trend for long hair this year, they have been incorporated into the latest braiding designs in a totally hot new look. You can wear a low side-braid style with layered waves around the head in a super casual look that’s also very face-flattering.

And that’s not all, as you braid your layered hair, the ends of the layers will peep out from the plait. These can be left edgy and spiky for a punky look or curled to produce a completely new type of side braid hairstyle that has never been seen before – ever!

Add volume to your side-braid hairstyles

If you have long fine hair, there are lots of different ways to achieve a trendy side-braid these days. You can weave-in any human-hair extensions for a thicker braid and it doesn’t have to match your natural hair color perfectly, either!

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Highlighting patterns

Highlights and different colored extensions adding streaks of copper, gold or rose-gold produce some fabulous patterns in your plait creating a very eye-catching look. I’ve seen some wonderful rainbow-color highlights in side plaits from sea-green, indigo and purple on dark hair, to lavender and faded pink on fair hair!

Hair accessories

Another way to add volume is just to plait in a silk scarf to your side-braid, adding a totally trendy touch of Boho fashion style to your image! Flower hair accessories are also hot this year, so you can add a touch of pretty color to your braid.

Quick updo

And for the world’s fastest updo, try pinning your side-braid vertically at the side of your head for effortless elegance in two minutes!

So if you’re ready to see these exciting new styles, just cast your eyes over our amazing, up-to-the-minute Inspiration Gallery of the hottest side braid hairstyles this season!

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Pretty Long Hair Ideas: Side-Braid Hairstyles 2016

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