Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs 2016

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Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs 2016

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Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs 2016

As time goes by there are more and more ways for people to express themselves. This is also because the world has become so accepting of many of these self expressions that more and more people are no longer afraid to step out and do things to express their individuality. Owing to this people have become more accepting of tattoos and the messages that the people to wear them wish to send.

One of the biggest reasons why many want to get tattoos is to be able to identify themselves. The tattoos are often a mark of significant aspects of oneself or something important that has happened in one’s life. People can choose to put on simple symbols on their arms or elaborate ink designs that portray struggles or success in life. Some may choose to get tattoos for the love of fashion while some would like a tattoo of their idols, favorite stars or characters. Getting a tattoo is no walk in the park which is why before you go and ink yourself you should take the time to think of what you should be putting on your body.

If you’re randomly getting a tattoo it is still safe to think of something special to put rather than having to regret the ink later.

Another reason for getting tattoos for some people is to honor or remember their loved ones. Tattoos are pretty much permanent and whoever you choose will be engraved unto your skin forever. A lot of people want to honor their families and loved ones by making them eternal images on their bodies. Among the most popular types of tattoo are the black and gray ones that feature realistic looking faces of their loved ones. There are other styles such as copying the handwriting of the loved one and turning it into a tattoo.

People also get tattoos for artistic reasons. When you wish to express your unique taste to the world and wear it on your skin then getting a tattoo of it would be the perfect way to show it off to the world. Many artistic people want to make a canvas of themselves which is why tattoos appeal to them greatly. Artistic tattoos can vary from colorful pinup styles as well as monochromatic tattoos that give a more dramatic flair to the images.

Tattoos are also known for being symbols in gangs and tattoos. Although not all gangs are in the darker side of things when they have tattoos, but there is more variety in what gangs choose to have tattoos and how they represent themselves. Basically all gangs have the choice to get tattoos independent of what they represent. The tattoos help signify where the gang is from as well as those in prisons.

In the other side of things, tattoos can also be done for profit. You can find people who would sell their bodies for advertising spaces. Although not a popular choice for most people, you would really have to think over where you will put the tattoo and if you really like the product enough to permanently have their mark on your body. Even though it pays money you also need to weigh the consequences.

Apart from these there are reasons such as covering scars on the body. There are people who have permanent stitches on their bodies and would like to hide in form of a tattoo. Covering scars with scars is the best way to cope up with permanent skin issues. Tattoos can also help in deformality situations wherein a person might have lost his arm and the tattoos can convey a shark biting it off or having superpowers and the likes. The possibilities are endless. Tattoos are wonderful and artistic ways to deal with something accidental and permanent engrave don the body.

If you wish to get one yourself then don’t hesitate. You might back out because you feel that you cant take it and it’s painful, but you should charge it to experience. If you really love the image that you want to put on your body then just enjoy a few pricks here and there and you will get the permanent image of what you desire. Lots of people get tattoos nowadays that it has been proven to be safe and harmless. The pain will subside later on and all you need is to gather up your guts to actually do it.

Don’t be a victim of your own fear. Always go for it when you can. Don’t have any regrets in life and live the way you want to. Bear in mind that you live only once and unless you have serious medical conditions then there is nothing you have to be afraid of in getting a tattoo. You can start with a very small design and eventually move on to complete the design you wish for later on.

An arm tattoo of a woman in skeletal form. A rather intriguing but at the same time endearing black and gray colored tattoo of a woman in her skeletal form that looks haunting yet beautiful.

Tattoo of a staircase leading up to what seems as a tower. The light beams coming up from the windows give the tattoo that sinister yet mysterious effect.

Colored arm tattoo of a pirate woman. The design looks very comic-ish but at the same time beautiful and interesting to look at.

Beautiful tattoo of hibiscus flowers. Flower tattoos are probably one of the most popular designs that you can find.

Arm tattoo of a beautiful woman in silk clothing. An elegant looking colored arm tattoo that showcases a pretty woman in silk clothing seemingly lying down on the arms.

Ghastly yet enthralling monochrome arm tattoo. The design features a little girl playing by the swing which is tied to an old tree under the gaze of the moonlight.

Rugged one armed little mermaid pirate. A rather interesting combination of themes that make a stand out and unique tattoo.

Owl black and gray tattoo. A realistic drawing of an owl with a falling feather inked in black and gray.

A rather positive arm tattoo with both colored drawings and words. The tattoo features a skeleton frame in woman’s clothing and giving a flexing pose.

Beautiful and colorful boat arm tattoo. A serene looking boat is drawing gliding over peaceful waters in what seems as a beautiful sunset background.

A 360 arm tattoo of birds in the fields. The overall coverage of the arm for the tattoo simply adds to the uniqueness of the design.

Colored flower arm tattoo. A wider scoped floral themed arm tattoo in colored ink.

A small but fiery looking fox tattoo. Using colored ink the small fox is embedded into the arm making it look like it’s on fire and ready for battle.

Skull arm tattoo. Apart from flowers, skulls are also one of the best choices in getting arm tattoos.

Colorful collection of flower arm tattoos. The sunflowers are the central part of the design and they contrast well with the colors of the pother flowers behind it.

Butterfly and flowers arm tattoo. A popular selection for the ladies where they can choose to have them in monochrome or colored ink for effect.

Sugar skull inspired arm tattoo. Tattooed in colored ink, sugar skull inspired designs have also become pretty popular in the recent times.

Beautiful flowers with butterflies arm tattoo. A wonderful collection of flowers are tattooed with colored ink and butterflies are seen swarming all over it.

Well detailed flower arm tattoo. The amount of work and dedication on this tattoo can be seen on the delicate waves that the flower makes across the arm.

Sea inspired arm tattoo. Various items reminding you of the sea is tattooed in gray and black as well as colored ink.

Another beautifully drawn tattoo of flowers. Using colored ink, the flower tattoo has been colored right up the most delicate shade to produce a wonderful 3D effect.

A beautiful arm tattoo of a dream catcher with flowers. Using colored ink, the dream catcher is adorned with pink flowers and blue beads that truly make the drawing stand out.

Colorful tattoo drawing of a woman’s face with modern make up. Quirky and very unique, the color combination as well works greatly with the perspective of the tattoo.

Pretty blue butterflies arm tattoo. Butterflies are next to the flowers and skulls as the popular choices for arm tattoos

A very beautiful 2D inspired character tattoo. The comic looking style gives life to the fantasy vibe of the design giving the character a life of its own.

Hourglass black and gray arm tattoo. The design is also adorned with red flowers slowly cascading from the top of the arm to the tip of the hourglass.

Gray and black flower detail arm tattoo. The design is about drawing flora details that slowly fill out the arm from top to bottom.

A very unique combination of a flower, eagle and stop watch arm tattoo. Painted in monochrome and colored ink, the tattoo seems to be telling a story about the person’s goals and beliefs.

A tattoo of a bloody red rose against blue splashes of paint. Provocative and very alluring tattoo design that can surely hold the glance of anyone who looks at it.

Wolf arm tattoo. Creatively done with splashes of color ink here and there while retaining the details of the wolf in black ink such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

Rose tattoos. Sketch and final product of rose arm tattoos in 2D drawing style.

Cool looking tattoo of a skeletal gunman. A unique yet interesting tattoo piece that will surely grab anyone’s attention.

Purple butterfly with flowers tattoo. Don in colored ink this sweet piece of tattoo and its complimenting colors looks very beautiful and enthralling.

Realistic ran arm tattoo with a man’s face. Sinister tattoos are also a popular kind as well as those combining animals and people’s faces together.

Adorable cat tattoo. If you love your cats that much then why not get tattooed with their cute and whiskered faces on your arm.

Urban city arm tattoo. People who like to remember where they grew up usually tattoo themselves with the city or town in which they are from for nostalgia purposes.

Tribal arm tattoo design. Yet another well liked tattoo piece is the tribal design. This is because the design is pretty much applicable to any occasion, unique and eye catching.

Tattoo of a pretty girl in shades. Abstract looking tattoos like these are also a great choice when you want to mash up a lot of subjects in your tattoo art.

Colorful hibiscus tattoo and flowers. This is a great way to showcase a variety of colors that surely stands out and brings life into the images engraved into your skin.

Devilish monochromatic tattoo. Another popular choice is making characters look devilish on the tattoo which adds to the flair and attitude of the tattoo.

Man in a gasmask arm tattoo. Tattooed in colored ink and drawn with red roses with letterings, this design clearly wants to make a statement for itself.

Floral arm tattoo. The best thing about floral tattoos is that you can bring in all the colors that you want to make the flowers stand out on your arm, it makes everything look vibrant.

Mysterious dead tree tattoo. A majestic looking dead tree with a flair of mystery in it s always a great subject for an interesting piece of tattoo.

Underwater creatures arm tattoo. For all the dolphin lovers out there, underwater tattoos simply look awesome and magical.

Well detailed abstract tattoo in gray and black ink with a pinch of colors here and there. The detail on each subject on the tattoo is simply stunning and can be called a masterpiece.

Woman with a pocket watch arm tattoo. A very well detailed arm tattoo that shows a melancholic woman holding a large size pocket watch on her chest.

Fall inspired arm tattoo. This heartwarming tattoo shows a serene fall field with trees in their fall leaves and the soft sky glistening over the cascading flowers.

Tattoo of a hand holding a certain relic. The hand is well drawn as well as the background and the flowers that frame the arms. Ell detailed and colored.

Soft flowers arm tattoo. While other tattoos are strong and bold you can also choose to pick a softer toned tattoo with lighter strokes and shades.

Tribal inspired arm tattoo. Done in all black ink, tribal tattoos can give you interesting designs with deep and hidden meanings as well.

The beast’s rose tattoo. Anyone who could remember Beauty and the Beast can surely relate with the fascination of this flower and its falling petals.

Character arm tattoo. An example of characters drawn on the arm in gray and black ink.

Lion arm tattoo. Strong and majestic a lot of people prefer strong animals as symbols of their strength and pride tattooed on their arms.

Tattoo of a whale underwater. The underwater scenes are simply amazing and transformed into tattoos they become eternal works of art.

Skeletal pirate tattoo. With a flair of drama in the monochrome ink, the action and thrill is perfectly depicted into the tattoo.

Tattoo in memory of a loved one. Those who want to keep solid memories of their family or loved ones have these types of tattoos symbolizing their eternal memories.

A man and lion hybrid. Done in comic style and bold colors, this tattoo looks fun, intriguing and is unique.

Cute owl girl tattoo. Inked in bold and strong colors an owl is depicted in a human girl’s clothing with makeup and accessories as well as a pretty umbrella.

Angel fighter tattoo. When the heavens need to be defended the aid of angel fighters are needed. A mystical and heavenly representation of heaven’s strong and defending forces.

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Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs 2016

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