Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Mens and Womens 2016

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Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Mens and Womens 2016

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Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Mens and Womens 2016

Being a part of this western era, who doesn’t love to look awesome and be admired by people? Tattooing is becoming the hottest trend in the world of fashion. Guys get crazy for tattooing over their body and look cool. But the brainstorming session spoils their charisma and mood very often!

Yeah, but this time you all are going to experience something really great as we are here with these cool Japanese sleeve tattoos for awesomeness with much deeper meanings associated with each one of them.Follow your role model in their style of making tattoos.

Cool Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

So many awesome Characteristics!

The phenomenal art

The natural combination of explicit colors and the incredible designs forms a
complete phenomenal artwork. The wide range of tattooing ideas includes a
number of colors expressing the meaning and history behind its existence.


Being an authentic part of history explicitly exploring Japanese culture and beliefs, these tattoos stand out differently from amongst all other branches of fashion and tattoos. Japanese tattoos are all about Mother Nature and its creature shouting its dynamic history and meaning. The dragon, the koi fish and the tiger forms the most loved and appreciated drawings of Japanese tattoo designs since a long time.


Unlike other types of tattoos, Japanese tattoo designs are so ultimately designed that they cover the complete skin under it. This is a very painful tattooing tradition clearly characterizing strength. There are people who carve Japanese tattoos all along their body bearing so much of pain so as to become a greater example of strength and courage.


Yoshihito Nakano, popular tattooing champ of Japan, is explorer of many more
meaningful and expensive Japanese tattoo designs such that he takes more than 2 years to complete them. That pain is simply unimaginable one person has to bear while tattooing across the whole body including the delicate parts such as breast open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Undoubtedly it takes a lot of willpower to sustain that much of pain.If you are afraid of making tattoos get your fear out by trying some cute little finger tattoos.

Eye popping Sleeve tattoo designs and their meanings

The Dragon tattoo

Dragons symbolize the strength of mankind, prosperity and a positive energy.
Protection against evil and intelligence are additional characteristics of dragon
tattoo. A rich realistic feel of fire from the mouth of dragon can be felt when tattooed it with red and black.

The Koi Fish Design

According to the Japanese belief, the entire yellow river has witnessed the continuous attempts by its native koi fish trying to swim upstream. However, not every fish was able to take it for long and cross the point namely “the dragon’s gate” thereby turning into dragons. This is the reason behind the Japanese belief that koi fishes symbolize success and strong guts along with powerful aspirations for the achievement of desired position.

You might have heard the story of a bird, phoenix, who was burnt by the fire and later on rising by its ash. This story is a part of many traditions and communities including Greece, America and Rome. But this phoenix tattoo design has got nothing to do with its birth place. Japan is nowhere related with the phoenix despite of exploring its sleeve tattoo designs worldwide representing rebirth and renewal of oneself.

Samurai sword designs

This design came into history when a man killed a dragon or a demon with his open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? This ultimate design is damn cool for men who believe in self power and muscularity. A strong and focused fighter is what every Japanese man desires to be thereby making the samurai sword design a popular one following Bushido.

Hannya masks

Just like the beast with an ultimate beauty, this mask collaborated with horror and charisma such that became a masterpiece artwork. It is believed to symbolize the behavioral pattern of condemned women who turned out to be devil so as to dominate the commotion. The very presence of this mask at the entrance of the will throw away all sort of negativity within and stop the evil from entering I to your house.

Skull designs

Despite of several bad interpretations of skull designs including death and bad fortune; Japanese people turn the positive side of the coin up. According to the Japanese culture, skull symbolizes a complete and natural cycle of life which includes life, growth and death. It may also consider as a remembrance for the ancestors. Though a skull tattoo would not form a full sleeve design, several other symbols are mixed increasing its audacity, style and significance.

Your heart might have chosen the correct tattoo for you extra handsome look. There’s no end to the art and artists are all set to help with these sexy and traditional sleeve tattoo designs in order to embed the entire ultimate and cool vogue within you. We are eagerly waiting for your response. Do share your painful but cool experiences regarding tattooing along with any of your doubts. Happy tattooing!

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Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Mens and Womens 2016

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