30 Ways To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots 2016

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30 Ways To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots 2016

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30 Ways To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots 2016

Over-the-knee boots have been showing up here and there during past seasons, but this year they seem to be really making a comeback.

Yes, they look absolutely stunning on the runways but a statement piece like that can be quite tricky to style and often look kind of bulky. At first it seemed like mission impossible to wear them unless you were model material, but now that over-the-knee boots have become a celeb and fashion It girl closet staple, there are definitely tons of styling options to choose from no matter what your body type is.

Over-the-knee boots were meant to stylize and elongate your stems, so they are better worn over skinnies, leggings, tights or a bare leg. To create a long leg line effect, choose similar or matching boot and pant hues.

They can be worn for fall or winter alike. For a transitional outfit you can go with mini skirts, dresses, blazers or light coats. For a winter outfit you can play with knit layers such as over sized sweaters or tunics paired with long coats. If you are wearing a tunic or dress, you can accentuate your figure by layering a waist belt.

No matter what your body type is, here are some universally flattering styling tips that will make you rock this trend:

For Curvy Shapes:

To elongate your legs properly and make styling a lot easier, choose a boot that hits right above your knee (no more than that). Create a long leg line effect by going for dark color boots and similar or matching hue skinnies. Pair with dresses or tunics that hit right below your hip line to create the proper boot-top gap that will lengthen your figure. Layer with mid-length blazers, jackets or coats to give your outfit a polished look.

For Petite Shapes:

Opt for fitted and structured garments to show your shape. Make your legs look extra long by choosing a mini dress, mini skirt or tunic that hits right below your hips, creating an extra long boot-top gap. You can never go wrong with a boot that hits right above your knee (no more than that if your figure is curvy) paired with similar or matching hue skinnies or tights to create an even longer leg line.

Make use of heeled boots! Even if you are more of a “comfort over fashion” girl, there are some really cute block heel and mid-height options out there that are the perfect match between comfort and style.

For Rectangular Shapes:

Accentuate your legs by pairing your high boots with similar hue tights or skinnies. Play with layers or fitted garments to further shape your silhouette. For example, slim your frame by pairing high-waisted skinnies, a tucked top and a long line trench; or accessorize with a waist belt over a shirt dress.

For Tall Shapes:

It is definitely less tricky to style over-the-knee boots for tall figures, nevertheless some tall girls prefer not to draw more attention than normal to their height. If you want to neutralize the leg highlighting effect that over-the-knee boots have, you might want to pair them with tunics or dresses that hit right at the thigh, barely creating a little boot-top gap. You can also opt for easy and loose top shapes or slightly different boot and pant hues to break that long leg line effect a little.

Need some inspiration? See 30 of the cutest fashion It girl outfits out there that make the over-the-knee boot trend look so effortless-chic:

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30 Ways To Wear Over-The-Knee Boots 2016

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