Medium Bob Hairstyles 2016

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Medium Bob Hairstyles 2016

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Medium Bob Hairstyles 2016

Medium bob hairstyles are classic and classy. They can look very different depending on your cut and the way of styling. Wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, asymmetrical and symmetrical bobs offer you the modern look, diversity and convenience you want from a hairstyle. Check our gallery of 20 mid-length bobs and pick the most appealing versions to try!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

You’ll see many messy, natural-looking bobs in our selection, but there are also a couple of straight, polished varieties on our list, because they are classics.

1: Medium Length Bob

A haircut that’s layered and angled makes a mid-length hairstyle extra lovely. Perfect for girly girls who don’t want the hassle of long hair, a medium bob can still be pinned back or pulled into a ponytail while not requiring a ton of maintenance.

2: Curled Mid-Length Hair

Hair that falls just above the shoulders can benefit from some extra body. Use a large barrel curling iron to bring in some loose waves that accentuate highlights and frame your face. Pairing this style with bangs brings extra softness.

3: A-Line Bob with Highlights

A medium length bob has the benefit of looking romantic and feminine – but it can also be cut into a no nonsense style ideal for ambitious professionals. Dark haired ladies can add in some striking caramel highlights to bring a finishing touch to this A-line cut style.

4: Wavy Bob Style

Round faces look lovely with bob haircuts, and a medium length style with casual waves is perfect for every occasion. From the office to the beach party, waved, low-maintenance hair is a great summer look for girls with finer hair texture.

5: Medium-Length Bob with Stacked Layers

Thicker hair will benefit from some texturizing after being cut into a medium bob. Ask your hair-dresser to work in some graduated layers that frame the head while also lightening up some heavier sections of tresses. This cute style is ideal for women of any age or ethnicity, making it a winning choice.

6: Bob Haircut with Unique Back View

Make your hair lightweight and gorgeous with a slightly layered bob that features a surprise – nape undercut. Being hidden under the top layer of hair, the undercut is ideal for women who want to thin out their hair or use an easy styling trick to keep their locks in place.

7: Blonde Bob Cut for Medium Hair

A medium bob hairstyle is simple and lovely. If you are searching a cut for fine hair or for round faces, this “short but not too short” style is perfect. Get plenty of layers for a textured, finished look without a whole lot of daily effort.

8: Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Thick-haired gals have a lot of style options, including very short or medium length bobs. Thick hair can easily be worn cute and messy or a bit sleeker and serious. Try a new hue on for size to match your new cut.

9: Medium Bob Hairstyles for Any Hair Type

Those who want a bob style that will look good on thick or thin hair will do well with a stacked cut that keeps hair beautiful yet simple. Add in some highlights or bangs to change up your look, or wear it shaggy with some cute beach waves when you have more time to play around with your options.

10: Asymmetrical Hair in a Bob

Sometimes a unique hairstyle comes with just a little meddling with the measurement. Keep hair shorter on one side to bring an asymmetrical look that is gorgeous and fun to wear. Thin haired girls can rock the uneven look well, but it can be also pulled off with any texture.

11: Back View Beauty

Sometimes a unique hairstyle comes with just a little meddling with the measurement. Keep hair shorter on one side to bring an asymmetrical look that is gorgeous and fun to wear. Thin haired girls can rock the uneven look well, but it can be also pulled off with any texture.

12: Bob Cuts for Black Women

Whether you’re in line for coffee or hitting up the ATM for some quick cash, the back of your hair is as important as the front. This medium bob hairstyle features the perfectly layered back and lovely elongated pieces towards the front.

13: Medium Bob Haircut with Bangs

A bob cut works well for any ethnicity, which is one of the reasons it’s so appealing. Straight, curly or natural – any texture or style will work well with a medium bob.

14: Patriotic Beautiful

Straight, finer hair greatly benefits from bangs. They add body and dimension without weighing your strands down. If you are just learning how to style a medium bob, this one is a winner.

15: Straight and Sleek Bob

For 4th of July or just to show some hometown pride, bold highlights look awesome in a bob cut. Go for the good ol’ red, white and blue or work in the hues of your school or your favorite sports team.

16: Bob with a Natural Wave

Medium bob haircuts take the severity out of the style that has long held a reputation for being short and tomboyish. Instead of completely chopping your locks, opt for a medium cut that allows room for layers, side bangs and more.

17: Chin Length Bob

Let your hair flow free and easy with your natural texture as the star of the show. Medium bob haircuts allow for less maintenance while still looking gorgeous. Try a blunt cut on the ends or add in some layers for a laid back look you’ll love.

18: Medium Bob with Long Layers

Without going super short (thanks to the longer ends), this bob is angled in the front to brush just past the chin line. Perfectly face framing and gorgeous, the chin length bob is a popular style for obvious reasons.

19: Layered Sun-Kissed Bob

Are your tired of the commitment to long hair? Here is a solution. Thin to medium textured hair will really shine with this style that brings a youthful, professional appearance to any pretty face.

20: Dip Dye Bob

While chin length bob cuts are very popular right now, you can always go a bit longer by keeping layers close to the neck line. Your cut won’t look too strict, while still giving you enough hair to pull back on warm days or casual outings. Get your locks dyed a soft brown to balance out the tone and texture.

Bob haircuts are so fun and versatile – especially when you work in the medium length options that are ideal for girls who still love to be girly. Whether your hair is straight or curly, thin or ethnically natural, there is certainly a medium bob style that’s ready to work wonders on your mane.

Medium Bob Hairstyles 2016

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